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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Manilla the NSW HG state titles

After a great day Stanwell i went to Newcastle and visited the Airborne factory. Airborne was a very well organiced factory and had some great machines to make parts for their hanggliders and trikes. thats why they have their nice finish on their products.

After Newcastle i went to Manilla and the 2 first days was to windy. the 3 day was great. we had a 119 km task, and i made 52 km before i meet the headwind and then mother earth. Good flying anyway with cloudbase of 2400 meters.

Day 4 (competition day 3) was even more fun, cloudbase of 2500 meters and I made nr 41 of 70 pilots. I flew 71 km of a 120 km task.

For more results you kan have a look at the NSW webpage to se the results:

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Great flying at Stanwell park

I didnt go up to Newcastle the other day but, i was invited by Paul to go flying in Stanwell park. I t turned out to be a realy good day. Flew for about 2.5 hours and just had fun. Stanwell is a very nice site and the conditions was very good that day. We flew all the way down to Wollogong and then up north again. Cloudbase was only 750 meter asl, but that was more than enough for playing around in the sky, good place to do manuvers :-) Today I continue up to newcastel and mayby Manilla to prepare for the competition.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Back to Sydney, then Newcastle

After renewing the rego for my car, I head of to Sydney today togheter with Jon. There i pick up Kjell Vidar tomorow and we are going to travel togher for some days. I planed to contiue up to Newcastle, visit Airborne (and Scott) and do some coast soaring, before i travel on up to Manilla.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Finished HG tour in Tocumwal

Today was the last day and i havent flew the last days since I have been sick. Hopefully I will be ok for the Manilla competition next week. Jon and Otto had some nice fligths again. Jon flew aprox 180 km out and then 10 km back to Hay. Otto flew 1xx km something and landet after 6+ hours in the air, Good work !

Thursday, February 10, 2005

333.8 km by Jon Gjerde

Jon Gjerde did a fantastic good flight today and flew 333.8 km from Tocumwal.
Jon landet 35 km of the side of Forbes. This will be the longest fligth done by a norwegian outside Norway ever. Jon also have the Norwegian record from before (206km). Well done Jon! fligth log of Jons trip you will find here: http://www.kkpg.no/index.php3?id=93&l=2&a=34&user_id=2228&trip_id=73270

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Tocumwal, XC tour day 1,2,3, 4

The first day was canceled becourse of heavy rain the day before, so the airfield where we starts was very muddy. Day 2 turned out ok, I was helping Otto making some movie shots, we got some great shots from the air. After that I went for a XC tour, but i startet late (16:00) so my hopes was not the best. After a nice tow by Grant i went of drifting whit the wind. After flying 30 Km i was feeling wery wet, my camelbag opened in my harness and I had approx 2 liters of Water/Garborater in my harness. So from 900 m above the ground, I was flying uprigth to avoid the rest of the camelback to empty it self in my harness. I landed of course. It was very strange to see the flatlands in these conditions, the area is no longer very dry, but I have renamed it to the "Wet-lands". Even if its wet, its still nice flying here, Jon flew 120 km that day. Day 3 was canceled becourse of a troph passing by (high winds). Day 4 turned out very bad, with rain, but after a while it cleared and we all get some god fligths. Longest fligth was Jon with 60 Km. The conditions was very veek, but always fun to fly anyway. Tomorow looks very promising so stay tuned to see how it turns out :-)

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Hangglider tour in Tocumwal

I am on my way for 10 days of pure XC flying in the flatlands. Together with me from Norway are Jon Gjerde and Otto Baste. Otto made a 300km flight on a similar tour in December, so I hope we get some great distances on this tour as well. The tours are arranged by Tove and Grant in Tocumwal.