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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

USA - Fort Funston

After days with strong wind, I finally managed to get a flight at Fort Funston, one of the sites close to San Francisco. Fort Funston was a very nice place to fly, and a lot of friendly people were there too :-) John's Saturn 164 was a nice experience to fly; big but a lot of fun, especially on a costal site as this. Below you can find some pictures from Fort Funston:


I have tried to fly at Glacier point in Yosemite National park, but there was too much snow in the mountains, the same in the Owens vally, so I am heading for Death vally and then Grand Canyon.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

USA -The coast betwen LA and San Fransisco

Arrived in LA and got myself a rental car, a nice 4 weel drive Ford Explorer and head of to Santa Monica and Venice beach. The next day I went to visit John Heiney and Dino Dinaso. There we arranged a hanglider rack for the car and John have lend me one of his vings (Saturn 164), so now I am ready for 1 month of flying in the USA :-)

After finishing the rack we went up the coast heading for Santa Crus. On our way we went flying on some costal hill and landing on the beach in the sunset, very nice. Dino was playing some trick with me and pushed a snake on me (not dangerous) and he had a god laugh of me, since i trow the snake away, later I hold it in my hands (http://foto.vg.no/show_album.php?aid=669394). The next day we continued up against Santa Crus and tried to fly on Marina beach, very nice place. If I remeber correct i think Jonh told me that you can soare 9 mile(US miles) on the beach there on the dunes.

The next day John and Dino went for work since it was not possible to fly, to strong wind.

At the moment I am in San Fransico and playing tourist, some nice flying sites around here. I will see if manage to fly here before I head on to Yosemite national park and Owens valley.

New Zeland - the end

I dident manage to fly hangglider in New Zealand, but there was a lot of funny stuff to do anyway, here are some pictures from some other alternative airthings to do when the weather is not on your side: http://foto.vg.no/show_album.php?aid=667909