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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Tibet and Nepal

Nepal and Tibet are 2 incredible countries offering a culture very differnt from a western way of life. People are very friendly and if you are not used to travel, this place will give you a culture shook. But give it some days and you will see people are the same all over the world, they have only differnt ways of approching theire belifs and lifes.
The first picture is of the worlds highest mountain. Mount Everest as I fly by with an airplane, not my glider even though it would be fun to try that some day :-)

Picture 2) is also of Mount Everest, but from the monastry on the tibetian side only 5 km from the mountain.
Picture 3) I couldent help it but, I just loved this sign, some times short versions of words dosent always come out that good, tits in this sign actyally means "Turist Information Travel Service"

Picture 4) Kids are just great, they make the best fotoobjects ever, this kids are from Tibet somewhere where the bus had to make a stop becouse of a flat tire. Smiles are universal, you dont need to understand the language to have fun, smile on :-)

Picture 5) Sunrise over Mount Everest with the panoramic view of the mountains around. Temperature when taking this picture "Very cold!!"

Picture 6) Holy man from Nepal, actualy he might not be that holy since he is charging for the picture. anyway he looks cool. The smoke in the background is from the fires of the cremation of the deads next to a holy river in Katmandu

Flight reports: A very interesting place to fly I been told. My good friend Otto Baste had a expedition down to Nepal around 1994 I think in the Anapurna area. Also the famous Italian Angelo d'arrigo http://www.angelodarrigo.com/ made his flight over everst here in 2004. I did not find any hangglider pilots when I was there, but there are a Paraglider club/tandem operations in the Anapurna mountain range for those of you willing to check it out. You will be flying close to Pokhara and get an unparalleled view of “fish head” mountain and the Anapurna range, price (~$50-$75) for a tandem flight

I think this is one of the "Must come back places with my glider", but then spend much more time here.