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Monday, September 26, 2005

Peru - Condors and Eagles in Colca Canyon

I love things that fly and most of all I like the big birds. So here are a couple of fotos of The masters of thermaling :-) The birds you see soaring is Condors, vingspan of this birds in Colca Canyon is about 3 meters on the bigest ones. In Chile they are up to 4,5 meter vingspan. This is the second largest vingspan in the world, only the Albatros have larger vingspan. But the Condor is the biggest / heaviest flying bird. One my shoulder you see a Andean Eagle.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Peru - The Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu

This is one of the really nice areas to fly in Peru . One the picture, you see a part of the Sacred Valley. Very strong thermals in the area when I was there. There is a paraglider pilot in the area who gives tandem rides, But no hanggliderpilots, theyre all in Lima. You can check out his page(Richard, an american pilot) here: www.belezapura.com To tell A litle bit more about the Sacred valley: its not far from the town Cusco (Nice but turistic). Between Cusco and the Sacred valley there is a higland flatlands area 3600 mosl, the valley floor is around 2200 mosl and mountains in the area is up to 6000 mosl, so there is nothing wrong with the view while flying there :-) If you follow the Sacred vally east (against amazonas) the fields will be replaced with jungle and the valley narrows up, then you end up close to Machu Picchu.

Machu Picchu is also a magical place and its possible to fly from there but its not legal anymore. Landing in the area is small and there is gigantics trees around (Helicopter paddoc). There is also possible to land on the other side of Machu picchu but this is on the riverbank some few places. This is only possile in the dry season (June is a good month). Both landings areas is in a pretty narrow valleys so i gues it can be very turbulent there. I got some contacts in the area and I might come back in some years and try to do some flying and filming there if they get the licenses and sort things out with the goverment there.

My plan in some weeks is to travel to Bolivia and then Chile and I working on some flying in Chile. There should be some really good sites there I been told. In the the north areas there are some really great coastal cliffs. More info later..... Any People from Chile reading this please contact me if you have some info to help me!