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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Ecuador - flying tips

I been turist here the last month and there havent been much flying latetly. But for giving you some relevant info about flying in Ecuador i have collected some information. So if you want to travel to Ecuador and fly here is some tips:

The best places is on the coast and there is a hostal there for pilots (Hostal Volandores). the place is Crucita - Manabi. They rent gliders here (Hanggliders and paragliders) Contact info: tlf (593) 05 2 340 200 Email:hvoladores@hotmail.com

Bañjos - nearby valley, nice area to fly with great volcanos. see contact info above.

Quito - the capital of ecuador. People fly in this area and it looks really nice but it was to windy when I was there and the and you have the airport nearby. They fly from the back side of the nearby volcano.

Equador is a beutyfull country and is higly recomended, there is possibilitys to fly a lot of places there, but I was to busy to travel around so now flying for me there. I spendt some time in the jungle here and in the Galapagos island and in the higland area doing hiking. The picture is showing Chimborazo Ecuador´s highest mountain 6310 masl. There is a road almost up to the ice edge!