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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Argentina - Flyranch and Buenos Aires

After a 20 hours bus ride from Bariloche I arrived in Buenos Aires and spend the day there waching the local people dancing tango in the streets. The next day Flavio Galliussi picked me up in the center of Buenos Aires since he arrived from a hangglider competition i Cordoba.
My plan was to be here flying for 6 days.

The flyranch is located 65 km south and 40 -50 minutes car ride outside Buenos Aires closer to the city La Plata (see airpicture below). On the picture I am flying a Wills Wing Falcon and its a great glider. Its strange to fly it in thermals since I am so used to hisiding, but after a couple of minuts I was up in 1300 mosl. Cloudbase was higher that day but I did fly in a open harness with not much cloths on so ended up going up and down all the time to get the heat back.

At the flyranch I was flying different things for the fun of it. The first picture I am flying tandem with Flavio. We are flying a Airborne Fun and I liked it, but it is hard work to fly a tandem glider. Flavio use this tandem for training students which seems to be working great.
On the last picture you see a student landing on a evening fligth.

I was also flying a Dragonfly, to see how dificult it is to fly it, since I like to learn to fly one. Intresting thing to fly since its needs a lot of stick control togheter with the pedals to get a cordinated turn.

For more info about the Flyranch check out this page: http://www.flyranch.com.ar
Pictures from the Flyranch: http://foto.vg.no/show_album.php?aid=977078