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Monday, July 18, 2005

Peru - Lima

At the moment I am in Peru. I spent some time in Lima and hoped to get some flying there. Unfortunately the very friendly pilots down here didn't have any glider to lend/borrow me. There are only 6 hangglider pilots in Peru, and one of the gliders I was supposed to use had some broken wingtips and spareparts is coming next week. But I got in there air anyway. One of the pilots have a tandem paraglider so we flew for a while. It's a really nice coastal site and you fly rigth next to the big hotels and soar on them. Fore more info about flying in Peru you can visit the following pages: http://www.perufly.com/ and http://www.incasgliders.com/

Pictures from Lima:

The next week I will spend in the Huascaran National park and walk in the mountains. Its a very nice place and offers good flying possibility, unfortunally there are only paragliders here so no hangglider to use. There have been done some intresting fligths in the area, for example in 1977 Rene Ghilini flew from the sout peak of Huascaran (6768 masl) and later there have been paragliders flying over 80 km here. The montain range in the park is around 200 km long and is a part of the Andes. Huscararan is the highest mountain in the tropical area in the world and this is also the place of the fantastic Condor with wingspan up to 4 meters.