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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Vaga open 2006

This year I and some friends was organizing the 2006 version of Vaga open and the nordic championship. I did the scooring among other things. It was a huge success with 6 out of 8 flying days and people in goal everey day. For me personally it was not my best competition, since I had a problem with my shoulder and went down to land several days becouse of pain (To much time in front of my computer!). The last days went much better and I manage to fly in goal the last day and almost in goal the day before. Me and my Airborne C4 are getting good friends. I wich I could do the comp over again.
On the first picture you see Jørgen Kjellberg flying in front of the Rondane mountains. For complete results see: http://www.vaagaaopen.no